A bipod is an attachment attached to the underbarrel of a weapon, allowing it to deployed on a surface, improving recoil control and stability.

Insurgency Edit

INS Bipod
General information
OperatorsFac sec Security Forces

Fac ins Insurgent Forces

General statistics
Supply points ?2 Icon supply
1 Icon supply (Designated Marksman)
0 Icon supply (Support and Machine Gunner)

In Insurgency, the Bipod is an attachment that can be attached for some sniper rifles, while being attached by default to light machine guns. It is designed to provide the shooter with a platform that allows for reduced weapon sway and increased recoil control.

Mechanics Edit

These are the default values. Actual values differ between weapons.

  • Reduces recoil 70% when deployed
  • Reduces weapon sway 75% when deployed

Trivia Edit

  • The bipod is attached by default to the M249 and RPK and cannot be unequipped.
  • The player may disable the "Auto Deploy Bipod" feature in the game settings. This may prevent the player from unintentionally deploying the bipod.  
  • The bipod will not automatically undeploy if the player is prone and uses the movement keys.

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