INS Buckshot
General information
OperatorsFac sec Security Forces

Fac ins Insurgent Forces

Damage18-36 x12 (18-432)
Drop start800
Drop end2000
General statistics
Penetration100" @ 100 Power
8000" @ 10 Power
Supply points ?0 Icon supply

Buckshot is a shotgun ammunition type in Insurgency. It is a common load of shotgun shell, composed of "double-ought" steel pellets.

It is the default ammo for all shotguns. It inflicts very high damage at close range, but its effectiveness is limited over range.


  • High bullet spread makes it suitable at close ranges, also allowing for more forgiving misses

  • High pellet spread decreases its effectiveness at ranges
  • Each pellet missed decreases the overall damage hitting the target drastically.
  • Only really effective in closer quarter maps such as Ministry.

It is recommended that players aim for unarmored parts of an enemy player's body, such as the arms, legs, or head. Armor tends to absorb most of the damage of buckshot.

Media Edit

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