C-4 or Composition C-4 is a common variety of the plastic explosive known as Composition C.

A major advantage of C4 is that it can easily be molded into any desired shape. C4 can be pressed into gaps, cracks, holes and voids in buildings, bridges, equipment or machinery. Similarly, it can easily be inserted into empty shaped charge cases of the type used by military engineers.

C4 is very stable and insensitive to most physical shocks. C4 cannot be detonated by a gunshot or by dropping it onto a hard surface. It does not explode when set on fire or exposed to microwave radiation. Detonation can only be initiated by a combination of extreme heat and a shockwave, such as when a detonator inserted into it is fired.


General information
Inventory slotExplosive
Weapon classRemote explosive
OperatorsFac sec Security Forces
Explosion radius1200
Penetration radius240
Fuse time0.5s
Starting ammo1
General statistics
Supply points ?4 Icon supply
Weight points ?64/640
Weight1.98 kg
Length ?21

In Insurgency, C4 is an explosive specifically designed for the destruction of weapon caches, but can also stand in as a thrown explosive with a large area of effect, ideal for flushing out areas with a high concentration of enemy forces.

The C4 can also be planted on walls and objects by holding down the aim key (Default: Mouse 2). This allows players to set up traps or to increase the accuracy of their attack.


The C4 performs identically to the IED.

  • Large area of effect
  • Able to destroy caches

  • Short Throw Range
  • High supply point cost


  • Prior to the September 10, 2014 patch, the Insurgent faction also used the C4 as their main explosive. It has now been replaced by the IED on the Insurgent faction.

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