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The Commo Rose (also known as "radial menu") is a feature in the Insurgency series that allows teammates to spot enemies and to communicate with one another without the need for a microphone.


In Insurgency, the Commo Rose can be brought up by pressing the C key, by default. Tapping the key will allow the user to spot enemies, while holding it down will allow the user access to other options in the commo rose. The Squad Leader and Squad Members have different commo roses that vary in function. 

The August 22, 2014 update "added anti-spam measures against radial commands."

Squad LeaderEdit

The Squad Leader's commo rose is able to send out commands and set waypoints. If "Set Waypoint", "Suppress Target", "Request Grenade", "Request Smoke", "Request Ordnance" is selected, a 3D marker will appear for all members of the squad, allow for tactical gameplay. 

Squad Leader Commo Rose

Squad Leader Commo Rose

Squad MemberEdit

A Squad Member's commo rose is designed to be used to respond to orders from the Squad Leader and also to communicate with other members of the squad to coordinate attacks. 

Squad Member Commo Rose

Squad Member Commo Rose

Insurgency: Modern Infantry CombatEdit