Games based on the Source engine will always provide the user with an accessible console for debugging, modding, practice, or testing. Many source games share the same console commands, making it easier for source developers to transition between games with ease.

In terms of console commands, 1 is Positive, 0 is Negative. The user will have to choose to enter either. For example, "sv_cheats 1" will turns cheats on, while "sv_cheats 0" will turn cheats off.


The following is a list of common and useful console commands. A dash "/" is used to separate the choices available to the user.

Main CommandsEdit

sv_cheats 0/1 Allows to user to enter additional commands to show things that would provide an unfair advantage in multiplayer games, such as showing bullet travel trails and live time bullet penetration. This console command can only be used in offline single player.
snd_restart Restarts the audio drivers of the game, useful for workshop sound mods

Map Commands Edit

map (mapname) (gamemode) Starts a local single player game with the selected map and gamemode
  • e.g.) map ministry skirmish

Item Commands Edit

give_weapon (weaponname) Allows user to spawn a weapon in  their hands (sv_cheats 1)
give_upgrade (upgradename) Allows user to spawn a weapon attachment for use, will not work if current weapon does not support desired attachment or already has an attachment in its slot (sv_cheats 1)
remove_upgrade (upgradename) Removes an attachment from a weapon. (sv_cheats 1)
give_supply Grants the player with 1 supply point (sv_cheats 1)

Physics Related CommandsEdit

sv_showimpacts 0/1/2 Shows the bullet impact points and their velocity and penetration values. Must have sv_cheats 1 enabled to work.

  • "1" shows penetration values and bullet impact points.
  • "2" only shows bullet impact points.

Network/Server CommandsEdit

rate # (Replace # with a number) Allows the user to set the amount of information being exchanged with the server at once. Setting it lower will decrease your latency, at the cost of somewhat more visual lag on the bodies of other players. Setting this to 60000 is a fine balance to decreasing latency (i.e. "rate 60000")
ins_bot_kick_t1 Kicks a bot from the Insurgent team
ins_bot_kick_t2 Kicks a bot from the Security team

Player CommandsEdit

kill The player will commit suicide
BindToggle command Allows users to toggle on/off console commands.


cl_ads_fov_scale Allows a user to control the amount of “zoom” ironsights and reflex sights give you.

A value of 0 to 1.0 can be selected, with "1" being the default zoom. "0" means the player will have the same FOV as their regular view. (i.e., cl_ads_fov_scale 0.75)

thirdperson Changes the camera to the locked third person perspective (sv_cheats 1)
firstperson Changes the camera to first person


cl_drawhud 0/1 Hides/Shows the heads-up display.
cl_hud_cp_blink_speed Changes the rate at which objects will blink on the hud. A value between 1 and 8 can be selected.
overview_alpha Changes the opacity of the map display.

Insurgency: Modern Infantry CombatEdit