The F1 fragmentation grenade is a Soviet hand grenade that has been in service since 1941. Due to its elliptical shape, it is nicknamed the limonka (lemon).

Insurgency Edit

F1 Frag
INS F1 Frag
General information
Inventory slotExplosive
Weapon classFragmentation grenade
OperatorsFac ins Insurgent Forces
Explosion radius750
Penetration radius40
Rate of fire30
Fuse time4s
Starting ammo1
If equipped in explosive slot and explosive two slot:
2 (CR)
3 (CC)
General statistics
Supply points ?2 Icon supply
Weight points ?27/640
Weight0.6 kg
Length ?21

The F1 Frag is a lethal grenade available to the Insurgent forces. It costs 2 supply points to equip and is effective in a variety of situations.

Trivia Edit

  • The M67 and F1 Frag grenades are identical in performance.