A Flare Gun is a pistol-like device that shoots an incendiary flare. Its main purpose is for signaling, as the lit flare is visible for miles, and can be supplemented with a drag chute that causes the flare to linger in the air longer.

Flares can also be used at night, providing quick illumination of a wide area. The strong flame can also be used to ignite flammable materials from a distance, though the short barrel of the gun typically limits such use.

Insurgency Edit

Flare Gun
INS Flare Gun
General information
Inventory slotExplosive
Weapon classFlare pistol
OperatorsFac sec Security Forces

Fac ins Insurgent Forces

DamageDetonation: 1 DMG
AOE: 1 DMG / 0.5s
Explosion radiusDetonation: 64"
AOE min radius: 75"
AOE max radius: 95"
Fuse time1.5s
Effect duration24s
Starting ammo2
Reload time5.00s
General statistics
Supply points ?1
Weight points ?20/640
Length ?21

The Flare Gun is a firearm featured in Insurgency: Nightfall that fires flares. It can only be equipped on night maps, under the 'Explosive 1' category. Its primary purpose to provide illumination and blind Night Vision Goggles. The red flare projected by the Flare gun deals minimal damage to nearby players, making it a limited-use area-of-denial weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • Each flare has the potential to deal 49 damage on a direct hit to an unmoving target.

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