A heavy barrel is usually a thicker and heavier barrel that is designed for use on marksman rifles and machine guns.

Insurgency Edit

Heavy Barrel
INS Heavy Barrel
General information
OperatorsFac sec Security Forces
General statistics
Supply points ?1 Icon supply
Weight points ?20/640

In Insurgency, the heavy barrel is a barrel attachment available for the Security Forces. It is able to reduce the vertical recoil of a weapon by essentially increasing the weight of the front, thus counteracting some recoil forces. However, equipping the heavy barrel will also increase the player's loadout weight. The heavy barrel's in-game description is misleading, as it has no affect on a weapon's spread.

Mechanics Edit

  • 10% reduction in vertical recoil
  • 60% reduction in sway speed

Trivia Edit

  • When compared to the foregrip, the heavy barrel is more effective at reducing weapon sway. This makes it more suited for a marksman role.

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