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Insurgency Soundtrack Cover Art

The album artwork for the game's soundtrack.

The Insurgency Original Soundtrack was released on January 14, 2014, about a week before the full release of Insurgency. It features all of the music used in Insurgency, and contains several popular pieces from the 2006 Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat score in reorchestrated form. The entire soundtrack features 19 tracks and can be heard throughout the game.

It is available for purchase on Bandcamp. The music and all tracks were composed by Rick Douglas.

Tracklist Edit

# Track Title Duration
1 Menu 3:06
2 Insurgency 2:06
3 Tactical Advantage 2:04
4 Deployment 2:30
5 Against All Odds 1:48
6 Victory 0:38
7 Multiple Targets 2:00
8 Objective Tension 1:35
9 Take the Shot 0:59
10 Firefight 1:25
11 Preparation 1:25
12 Infiltrate 2:19
13 Move In 2:09
14 Immediate Evac 1:45
15 The Toll 2:47
16 Retreat 2:49
17 Hymm 2:37
18 Against All Odds (alternate take - just synth and percussion) 1:47
19 Menu (alternate take - just orchestra) 3:02

Trivia Edit

The menu music is a direct interpretation of Combat 1, and the original mod menu music makes an appearance as Preparation.[1]


  1. Rich Douglas Bandcamp - - retrieved July 24, 2014

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