A knife, or known primarily as a combat knife or fighting knife, is a cutting weapon designed for military use, specifically for close combat; however, since the end of trench warfare, most military knives have been primarily designed for utility/tool use (clearing foliage, chopping branches for cover, opening ammunition crates, etc.).

Insurgency features two knives, each designated to a respective faction. Both knives function identically and only differ in appearance. Knives are all-kit weapons that cannot be unequipped. Knife attacks are not guaranteed one-hit kills, and do relatively low damage to opponents facing the wielder. A significant damage bonus is applied to knife attacks from behind and will result in a one-hit kill.

Insurgency Edit

INS Knife
General information
Inventory slotMelee
Weapon classKnife
OperatorsFac sec Security Forces
  • All Classes
Console ?kabar
Damage60 front
200 back
Max range ?75
Rate of fire30
General statistics
Supply points ?0
Weight points ?1/640

This standard issue bayonet originated in the United States and was first adopted by the United States Marine Corps in 1942. It is a basic blade with a slicing edge and sharp point.

Trivia Edit

  • The lower damage to the front is supposedly to simulate the enemy fighting back.
  • In the early days of Insurgency the knife would need about 7 stabs to the front making it virtually useless if the enemy is aware of you.

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