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The Rocketeer is a class in Insurgency. It is essentially the same as the Striker class, except that the Rockteer class does not have access to the IED.


Fac ins
INS Insurgents Rocketeer
General information
Squads[A] Assault Group
[B] Scout Cell
PrimaryAKM (0)
M1 Carbine (1)
AK-74 (2)
MP40 (2)
SecondaryMakarov (0)
Model 10 (0)
M1911 (1)
ExplosiveF1 Frag (2)
Molotov (3)
RPG-7 (5)
Explosive 2F1 Grenade (2)
Molotov (3)
AccessoryNVG (2)

Insurgent Forces Edit

The Rocketeer shares the same appearance as the Fighter, Militant, Striker classes. Insurgent Rocketeers wear black/grey keffiyehs, blue pants, black shirts with sleeves rolled up, and high capacity chest ammo vests. 

Default LoadoutEdit

Category Model Attachment(s) or Notes
Primary MP40
Secondary None
Explosive RPG-7
Explosive 2 None
Armor None
Ammo Vest Chest Rig
Accessory None

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

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