Special forces gatling gun

A soldier lays down suppressive fire with a mounted gun during an exercise.

Suppression is the act of forcing an enemy to break off an attack by using high volumes of gunfire. When the enemy is concerned mainly with their own survival, their combat effectiveness and morale is greatly reduced.

Suppression can be used to fix enemies while nearby teammates go around the side flanking them. In terms of the Four Fs doctrine, this is the second "F" (Find, Fix, Flank, and Finish).


(Outdated) Insurgency suppression effect00:23

(Outdated) Insurgency suppression effect

Suppression is a gameplay element in Insurgency. Suppression can be achieved with all weapons, some more effectively than others. Players receiving incoming fire will eventually become suppressed, even if no damage is actually received.

Players can cause suppression by firing near an enemy. While suppressed, a soldier's peripheral vision will blur and lose focus, and sway is greatly increased.

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