Tell is a map featured in Insurgency: Contest Maps.


INS Tell
LocationFez, Kingdom of Morocco
Game modesPush
INS Tell map

Tell is an epic map that thrusts players into methodical street by street clearing. It's tight design creates a challenging uphill battle where every corner counts.

The map placed third in the Gamebanana & Razer Insurgency Mapping Contest[1].

Game ModesEdit

Ambush Edit

In Tell Ambush, Security force must escort a VIP to the extraction point.

Push Edit

Occupy Edit

Checkpoint Edit

Developer NotesEdit

"[Tell is] a three point push map set on a small hill in a middle eastern metropolis."
— Zach Snyder, Insurgency Level Designer[2]


Trivia Edit

  • The name "Tell" is Arabic for "Hill," or more specifically, A man-made hill that is the result of generations of building and rebuilding on a particular site. [2]
  • The author of Tell was hired by New World Interactive, as a result of releasing this map.


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