LocationMogadishu, Somalia
Game modesFirefight, Occupy
Insurgency Uprising Overview

Uprising is a map featured in Insurgency.




For Uprising Occupy, the objective is the small market/shack in the center of the map.



Design NotesEdit

This map is designed as a close-quarter combat focused map. Meaning that players will often find themselves within inches of the enemy. The map consists of one central route and two flanking routes to the sides. The buildings on the north side of the map have two floors, while the buildings on the south side of the map only has a ground floor.

Developer NotesEdit

"Uprising, was already in a further stage of development when I was asked to finish it up, including a night version. For the most part I worked on the overall detailing, lighting and gameplay polish of the map. Additional credits: Jon Michael Hickenbottom and Insurgency team"
— Jeroen "Xanthi" Van Werkhoven, Insurgency Level Designer[1]

Control PointsEdit

  • Central Market 

Media Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Uprising is the smallest map in Insurgency


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