So, I'm sure everyone knows about Insurgency's large modding community, from mapping to model swapping for weapons, players, etc. to sound design. I personally believe that the quality of some of this content is a bit low for the kind of game Insurgency is. I'm talking about weapon retextures, mainly some random camouflage that is smothered all over the weapon like it's Call of Duty. The same goes for model swaps using models and textures from other games, which end up looking pretty bad simply because those other games' engines render graphics completely differently. Some of them even have animation edits, which are typically poorly executed and it's easy to tell that no decent level of effort was put into it. Don't get me wrong, I can recognize that some level of effort went into making these types of add-ons, regardless of how small or large. I just believe this kind of content overshadows add-ons featuring re-animations for weapons, or complete weapon replacements with high-quality models, textures, animations, and even sometimes sounds. Now, onto my point. At the moment, it is not possible, but in the future (near future, hopefully), I plan to start releasing content of the kind I believe should be more prominent on the Workshop. One thing I pay attention to (probably too much) is technical accuracy. What I mean is, I would only consider making something that fits every criteria I can think of. So if I was coming up with something to replace the M14 EBR, I'd find a weapon chambered in .308/7.62mm that feeds from a 20-round magazine which fires at 710 RPM (that's a bit tricky, so I would let 700 RPM slide) which has the ability to mount everything the M14 can in-game. (So far, I've had no luck with it, most weapons I thought would work are way too slow.) So, what I'm asking is for a little help with ideas. If anyone can find me a weapon that makes complete sense as a replacment, I'll conisder starting a project on it. Of course, that also means I can give credit for the idea on the Workshop Item page, which I will if necessary. Thanks for your time.

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