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    Conqueror Update

    October 27, 2015 by Yingerman

    The Conquer Update for Insurgency was released today. This update includes a new map, Linux support, new weapons, a new coop game mode, new AI, spectator improvements, grenade launcher sights, and more. Insurgency is also being featured in the latest Humble Bundle.

    The following change log was taken from Insurgency's Conquer Update Changelist and modified for relevance to this Wiki.

    Also, Insurgency is on sale (-35%) for the rest of September.

    • Conquer Cooperative Mode
    • New environment interaction features including sprinklers, breakable radios, cash registers, breakable pots, improved breakable vehicle windows.
    • New coop scenario support

    • Kandagal
    • Layout for Contact expanded, with day and night versions

    • Galil assault rifle
    • Sterling sub machine gun
    • Mode…

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  • Yingerman

    New World Interactive has relaunched their company website at - along with the relaunch of their official forums. This is after the forums were shut down nearly 10 months ago after the site was compromised. Additionally, there is also a Roadmap on Trello that you can use to follow the development of what NWI is working on next, what's being tested, and submit requests that you'd like to see in Insurgency.

    These resources will allow the Wiki to stay more up to date with the developers and the community. Sections of developer blogs can be added to pages in the form of trivia, and various technical aspects of the game may be revealed through these mediums.

    And P.S., the NWI homepage has a direct link to the Insur…

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  • Yingerman

    August 4 hosted the release the the free "Hunt" DLC, the "most significant update to Insurgency since Molotov Spring." Major updates like this mean the wiki needs a bit of love to get back up to date.

    If you'd like to help, please check out the new cleanup category which contains all the pages that need to be updated as a result of the DLC. View the full list of Insurgency: Hunt content updates on the NWI forums.

    Happy editing!

    Yingerman (talk) 23:48, August 6, 2014 (UTC)

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