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Insurgency Conquer Update02:21

Insurgency Conquer Update

The Conquer Update for Insurgency was released today. This update includes a new map, Linux support, new weapons, a new coop game mode, new AI, spectator improvements, grenade launcher sights, and more. Insurgency is also being featured in the latest Humble Bundle.

The following change log was taken from Insurgency's Conquer Update Changelist and modified for relevance to this Wiki.

Also, Insurgency is on sale (-35%) for the rest of September.

New Game Features

  • Conquer Cooperative Mode
  • New environment interaction features including sprinklers, breakable radios, cash registers, breakable pots, improved breakable vehicle windows.
  • New coop scenario support

New Maps

Weapons and Upgrades

Gameplay Improvements

  • Extended grenade functionality
    • With cookable grenades, left click will release the spoon on the grenade and will start cooking immediately.
    • Right click will prime a grenade without cooking and the left mouse button can be used to start cooking.
    • Middle mouse button will prime a lob without cooking. Clicking either the left or right mouse button will begin cooking.
  • New C4 “plant” function.
    • Holding right click will stick the C4 to a surface you’re looking at if you’re close enough.
  • Improved blinding effect of flashbangs: they will also suppress enemies who are blinded.
  • New burned and blown-up skins for players who get killed in the by in the corresponding way.
  • Laser Sight and Flashlight can now be used when using the underbarrel grenade launcher.

User Experience

  • Redesigned menu user interface.
  • Improved in-game controller support (i.e. Key binding).
  • Objective dock on the bottom of the screen better highlights the objective you are in (i.e. HUD).

Spectating features

  • Added x-ray overlay which can be toggled with the firemode key (default X) (i.e. Spectator Mode).

Please help keep this Wiki up to date by noting the changes above on the linked pages. Thanks everyone!


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