• Ysbert

    Two videos from E3 give us a whole lot of new information on Insurgency: Sandstorm. Many pages are already updated, including the Classes of Insurgency: Sandstorm article. We also got eyes on which weapons will be in the game.

    Now it should be noted that we are not entirely sure if weapons will be limited per team. In the E3 gameplay it looks like all weapons are usable by both teams, but that could also be for demonstration.


    • Sandstorm keeps the Supply Points system from Insurgency.
    • Players will not only be able to call in support, there is also a class which can deploy machine guns.
    • There are Binoculars.
    • There will be replay tools/spectator tools.
    • Players are able to customise their character's voice.
    • Carrying a knife seems optional…

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  • Ysbert

    NWI announced a release date estimation for Insurgency: Sandstorm:

    September 2018 for PC

    Q1 2019 for console

    The price has also been set:

    $ 29

    Players who bought Insurgency will get a 10% discount. Pre-ordering the game also gives an additional 10% off.

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  • Ysbert

    Sandstorm - Reload Mechanics

    December 15, 2017 by Ysbert

    We got another Insurgency: Sandstorm gameplay video, showing off reload mechanics. Reloads in Sandstorm are even more realistic. If the reloading is interrupted, the weapon will be as it should be in real life. For example, the magazine already fell out but you need to switch to your sidearm to defend yourself. When you switch back to your primary, there will still be one round in the chamber. Pressing reload will make your character load a new magazine, which will be faster than a normal reload because the previous mag was already ejected.

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  • Ysbert

    Insurgency: Sandstorm News

    February 8, 2017 by Ysbert

    Today we got a massive update for Insurgency: Sandstorm. Due to the media embargo, NWI wasn't able to upload images from the studio about the game, but that embargo ended today. Which means we can expect some more news on the way, and maybe some screenshots like the two here on the right.

    Sandstorm will be released in 2018, and NWI hopes to release a closed alpha at the end of this year. Unlike Insurgency, Insurgency: Sandstorm will be available for the PS4 and Xbox 1, as well as on Steam. To make this possible, the game doesn't run on Valve's Source engine, but on Unreal Engine 4.

    We can expect bigger maps, with longer range engagements. This will also help for the following point:

    YES! I personally am a big fan of using vehicles in games. T…

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  • Ysbert

    Dry Canal Update

    May 28, 2016 by Ysbert

    A new update has arrived to Insurgency! It brings a new map, some new animations, and many other small improvements. See for the complete changelist.
    Also, the game is on a -85% sale for the rest of the month! It would be a crime to not pick it up if you haven't already.

    Along with the update, the Day of Infamy mod has been updated with two new maps and a new weapon. See for the changelist.

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