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A Weapon Cache is an objective in the Insurgency series.


Weapon cache 01

A generic weapon cache in Insurgency.

Wcache sec 01

A Security Forces' weapon cache in Insurgency.

Wcache ins 01

An Insurgent Forces' weapon cache in Insurgency.

Weapon Caches are used in Insurgency as decoration symbolizing resupply points and as game objectives.

Objective Points Edit

Weapon Caches are destructible objectives in Push, Flashpoint, Skirmish, Strike, Checkpoint, and Hunt gamemodes. When destroying a weapon cache, a wave of reinforcements will be granted to the player's team.

Destroying a Weapon Cache Edit

To destroy a weapon cache, players must use either an incendiary grenade, 2 fragmentation grenades, an anti-tank missile, or a remote explosive.

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